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Your agile shop and product roadmap aren’t always in sync.  Add a pod with the right technical, process and product management skills to integrate seamlessly with your core team.  Use Xtapod to get it done quickly with no long term commitments.

“ Get the team you need, when you need it, with no excuses. ”

Greg Flessas, Chairman of Xtapod

What is Xtapod?

  •  US-based customer success team consisting of experienced agile process and product managers, led by a multi-market SaaS VP of Engineering/CTO
  • An EU-based technical team built to your requirements delivering world-class engineering at half the US costs
  • Unified work culture driven by our US HR, IP and accountability norms
  • Talent magnet where we continuously invest in our engineers’ professional development
  • Transparent evolution of the outsource technical model to true SaaS: we start by standing up a productive pod within 90 days of subscription and we work to retain your business with no long term contracts.

Why Xtapod?

Quality at Half the Risk

Agile-as-a-Service is the evolution of opportunity-driven software development.  Buy a fraction of a complete development shop configured for your technical needs, not just remote technical talent you need to augment expensively stateside to make productive.  We build and maintain the infrastructure so you can take advantage of xtapod’s quality on demand.

Star Talent

Our core talent pool is globally experienced, educated and in demand.  
We attract and retain them with continuous investment in their professional development and unlimited opportunities to expose themselves to new technologies and clients.

Productivity in < 90 Days

We start with team leaders and hire to your technical requirements, we don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole.  
Your bespoke team is productive (accretive to your development roadmap) within 90 days.  From then on the burden is on us to keep you satisfied. 

Product Management

Documenting and communicating requirements through tested and effective practices and tools is the foundation of integrating new pods into your product roadmap.  
Make substantive progress that truly adds to your effort with our product management support. 

Agile Process Leadership

Our Boston-based agile practitioners facilitate and/or attend daily stand-up scrum meetings between your product owners and your remote Xtapod, ensuring that momentum is maintained without adding to your US staff. 

Technical Depth

Product and process managers are led by Xtapod CTOs with broad product-side public and private SaaS experience, ensuring that all of your standards are adhered to.  We’ve got you covered from the time you sign on, or we won’t sign you.  It’s that simple.  No excuses.

Grow Your Markets, We Scale Your Engineering

You run a lean shop serving a growing business.  Growing your markets and capturing new opportunities is continuous.  Success demands faster responsiveness to customer needs and exposes technical debt you may not even know you had.  Local talent is scarce and getting ever more expensive, while traditional outsourcing has always had large hidden costs (or poor quality when those extra costs aren’t paid).  Great quality from remote talent works if you have dedicated product and process managers actively integrating your remote teams into your process, product and technology standards.  Every day.

We’ve built that platform to support your productivity and we include it with every team.  We won’t take chances with your success because we’ve bet our business on your satisfaction.  Leverage our as-a-Service agile teams to focus on what you do best: keep growing!

Compare us to the alternatives


Ramping your team domestically can easily take 12-18 months, cost twice as much, and will require you to scale the process, product and technical managers to support them as well.


Scaling with low-cost remote resources still requires you to build your management and integration infrastructure locally to manage, and you have no real accountability. The cost to be successful is often higher than in-house.


Ramp up quickly with quality talent and the infrastructure to make their contribution accretive within 90 days.

Your Success is our Mission

Xtapod has always been there for our successful portfolio companies when their customer base outgrows their technology.  When we need to meet a product deadline or ramp up a team to remediate technical debt, we know who to call.

Ravi K.

Healthcare Informatics Entrepreneur

We understand that agile methodologies produce the best results, but our product roadmap is dictated and sometimes you just have to throw extra pods into the mix.  Xtapod always comes through quickly.

Kyle O.

Growth-Stage SaaS Product Owner

We went through multiple product-market fit cycles as we ramped up commercial sales, and we got to where we needed a few extra pods to make it to viability.  Xtapod made the promises they kept.

George K.

Custom Software House Founder/CTO

Expand your team today!

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