Build your teams with ease and grow your business with focus.
Expand in new markets effectively & most importantly

Own your journey

Enhance your engineering power in an efficient & strategic manner
Get the benefits without the hustle with a Dedicated Pod

What is a Dedicated Pod?

Keep your core team focused and let your Xtapod do the projects that add to their efforts. 

“Pods” are teams of equally experienced software engineers, dedicated to your business mission & vision. The teams are formed based on your requirements and follow all of your in-house policies & procedures. We use the experience and skills we have to attract talent that delivers solutions that are prescriptive and accountable in coordination with your stakeholders.


A dedicated pod is suitable for companies that are aware of the complexity and pitfalls of own product development.

And, are willing to invest in gradual and continuous development of a quality.

Why choose a Dedicated Pod?

Top Talent

Match world class talent with your unique requirements effortlessly



Make any adjustment at any stage, with seamless adaptability


Scale-up quickly and apply any staff change without the drama


Get high transparency of all working activities in real time


Your remote team is all set-up & productive in less than 90 days


Your cybersecurity protocols & IP requirements are fundamentals to us

Risk Free

Start with an only 3-months commitment and even buy your team


Teams are driven by your mission & vision. We form them based on your values & culture

How it works


Share your requirements with us and, get resumes asap. Our screening process ensures Cultural, Communicational and Technological fit, so you can have the best and interview them in person. We accept only top 5% of candidates that we interview and, you always have the final say on hiring. Access the best engineering talent and expertise through our strong EU talent pool


Your selected pod members use your collaboration tools, follow your internal processes & report directly to the Product Manager (PM) of your choice, just like your core team. You can have an Xtapod’s PM as well and get the latest agile practices, guided by our Boston based CTOs. On average, it only takes 2-3 weeks to get started and your pod is fully productive in less than 90 days


Our team offers you limitless, ongoing support, with no extra cost. We follow the highest communication standards & ensure transparency throughout the whole process, just as if you were working with your in-house team. We will always be there to support you on solving any issue that may arise. You can even buy your pod and benefit from our guidelines while creating your own branch in EU

We Complement Your Journey

Enhanced Engineering Power

We build in-house oriented, teams tailored to your ever-changing requirements. Dedicated to your business mission & vision with respect to your IP & cybersecurity policies

Increased Business Focus

Let’s scale your teams with ease and bring more focus on growth. Minimize distractions while innovating your product & aligning demand generation & capture

Strategic Market Expansion

Expand in the EU almost effortlessly. Your remote team is truly yours! We support you on creating your own subsidiary, transfer your resources, and leave you with the necessary knowledge to keep on growing

Maximize your technical depth effortlessly with a Dedicated Pod led by a US based customer success team.
We build & maintain the infrastructure (for as long as you need) so you can take advantage of Xtapod’s quality on demand.

Ready to enhance your engineering power?