Our values reflect what we believe, and provide an environment where everyone can flourish.

Our culture supports us to constantly evolve and remain connected as a team.

We love challenges and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

We Value


Solutions grow in a place of deep understanding and caring.  Facilitating our clients’ and associates’ growth is why come to work every day. We support values that enable them to meet their high potential.


Operating with transparency is how we get things done. We provide our customers, associates & other stakeholders collaboration tools that allow progress evaluation to be tracked in detail and in real time.


We thrive on maximizing growth. A fact that cannot be accomplished without real accountability. No matter how small or large a task is, we step up & run the extra mile, as much as it’s needed and for as long as it’s needed.


We keep working to make things better, easier, faster, simpler. We define clear priorities and track performance.  We are fanatical about customer success and continuous improvement.


The best ideas come from a happy heart. We strive to bring joy, fun, and playfulness to our services, workplace, and community.


We respond to all problems with velocity & intellectual curiosity. Always excited by new challenges. We’re pushing boundaries with continuous experimenting & adaption. And we do it by staying focused on improvement.

And Diversity, of course!

Xtapod is a place of equal opportunity & everyone is welcome.

The uniqueness of our teams powers our extraordinary customer results.  

Our greatest asset is our team members. We enable the best Greek tech talent to develop themselves to their highest potential...both as engineers and as people. Connecting the most talented people to the opportunities they deserve is what drives us!