We’ve built our company values to reflect what we appreciate and provide in an environment where everyone can flourish. Our culture supports us to constantly evolve and remain connected as a team. We love challenges & encourage out-of-the-box thinking

We Value


Innovation starts with the understanding that a great idea can rise from anywhere. We encourage different perspectives as they will only make us stronger. We fully support our associates personally and professionally because we are truly one family.


We communicate with transparency. Our customers are encouraged to participate in the hiring process and able to meet our super talented associates.  Our foundation is built on trusting each other and our customers trust in us.


Engineers not only get the opportunity to fully own our work they are expected to. We value those who take the initiative to step up no matter how small or large the task. Dare often and greatly!


We keep working to make things better, easier, faster, simpler. We define clear priorities and track performance.


The best ideas come from a happy heart. We strive to bring joy, fun, and playfulness to our services, workplace, and community.


We tackle all problems with agility & velocity. We are excited by new challenges and push the boundaries by trying new things with great optimism.

And Diversity, of course!

Xtapod is a place of equal opportunity & everyone is welcome.

The uniqueness of our teams is a magic power that makes us special  

Our greatest asset is our employees. We bring the best Greek tech talent to the place where their skills are utilized to their highest value. We use this strength to help them develop. Connecting the most talented people to the opportunities they deserve is what drives us!

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